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TIDAL available in Roon?]( #### [TIDAL Collections]( ## Enabling TIDAL Roon
TIDAL|TIDAL]] - [Enabling TIDAL]( - [Browsing TIDAL and adding albums to your library
Tidal collections you've imported (like "TIDAL:Jazz", for example), and you can check off the boxes
TIDAL Playlists Playlists you have marked as a Favorite in your TIDAL account will appear
TIDAL Roon's TIDAL integration gives you access to TIDAL's massive collection of music
TIDAL account? Just click **I have a TIDAL account**. New to streaming or interested in TIDAL
TIDAL|TIDAL]] music service, and have enabled the integration with Roon, then you can you can add TIDAL
TIDAL account? Just click I have a TIDAL account. New to streaming or interested in TIDAL
Tidal, any albums you've marked as "favorites" on Tidal will also appear in your
Tidal Playlist. A playlist made by Tidal will be unfavorited in Tidal. A playlist you created
TIDAL icon means there are versions of this album on TIDAL not yet added to your
TIDAL and Qobuz. Roon Radio makes recommendations based on not only your own music preferences
TIDAL. ## TIDAL TIDAL is a global streaming service, available in 45 countries. They have 35 million
Tidal account will also appear in your Playlists. - Playlists imported from Tidal, iTunes, or from
TIDAL Collections|TIDAL]] to your library, then Tags corresponding to the Collection will be created
Tidal, how do remove that content?|FAQ: I added collections from Tidal, how do remove
work?]]. ###### If you're looking for your TIDAL favorites, check out the browsing section of [[this article|TIDAL]]
TIDAL and Qobuz Content Because TIDAL and Qobuz content is not stored locally, it cannot
TIDAL subscription--your album and the TIDAL album share a sense of identity in a global
TIDAL, you can link your account to Roon and import your TIDAL favorites. ## Playback Device
TIDAL * Search * Playlists * Genre Browsing * Control of Roon’s zones from Crestron * Transport controls * Now Playing
TIDAL HiFi subscription, check out the Masters section on Roon’s TIDAL page. There is some
TIDAL|TIDAL]] - [[Artists|Artists]] - [[Albums|Albums]] - [[Tracks|Tracks]] - [[ Composers|Composers]] - [[ Compositions|Compositions]] - [[Internet Radio|Internet
TIDAL]] and Qobuz music streaming services. Roon cleans up your music library, upgrades the metadata
TIDAL streams. By centralizing these concerns in Roon's Core, we ensure that endpoint manufacturers
TIDAL albums only in this particular library (i.e. their albums are not exportable to other
TIDAL * Qobuz * Search * Playlists * Genre Browsing * Control of Roon’s zones from Control4 * Transport controls
TIDAL subscription". That is an incredible piece of context. First--you may not be aware
TIDAL for their streaming content. If volume leveling is enabled, Roon will automatically adjust the volume
Tidal? You've come to the right place. This is a list of **our most
TIDAL is syncing + wait for it to finish:** **(2) In settings -> storage, look for "Scanning
TIDAL track. This isn’t ideal when our collections typically go back for decades and Roon
TIDAL - Browsers - The Queue - Play Options - Radio and Internet Radio - Focus - Favorites - Sorting - Selecting songs
TIDAL, and more. You can access the overview screen by clicking the navigation icon , then
TIDAL or Qobuz to Roon allow you to take full control of the powerful tools
TIDAL media is loading slowly...” - “Too many failures. Stopping playback.” - “Playback has failed due to an unexpected